About the research project

The overall purpose of the project is, at the involved institutions, to develop a culture for change that contributes to an ongoing quality development during and after the implementation of the initiatives. This requires:

  1. Developing methods for experience gathering and evaluation at the involved institutions.

  2. Qualifying teachers and managers for applying the results of the evaluations in developments and improvements of quality.

  3. Establishing organisationally embedded strategies at the institutions in consideration of the particular national and educational conditions.

The aim of the project is to contribute to developing a sustainable culture for change at the educational institutions that participate in the program European VET Development Initiative under THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS. More specifically the aim is to support the changes that will be launched in order to enhance the quality of VET in Europe, particularly in the four countries Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Check Republic. 


The project is located at the Danish Institute of Education (DPU), Aarhus University. The research project team have expertise in evaluation, competence development, vocational training, and international development projects.

During the first half year, the project is staffed with actual research expertise in DPU. The project group will be expanded with a post doc during the first project year.

Associated professor Vibe Aarkrog, DPU will be project manager and will be responsible for linking the evaluation strategy with development of quality in VET. 

Professor Bjarne Wahlgren is attached the project as an expert on evaluation and competence measurement.

Former associate professor and head of department at National Centre of Vocational Education, now scientific assistant at DPU, Susanne Gottlieb, is assigned the project as an expert of international development of vocational education. 


The professional reference group consists of three international experts.

The group is funded to contribute to the project's scientific quality and progress.


Dr. Dr. h.c.


Departement of Vocational
Education and Training
and Lifelong Learning,

University of Bremen,




Department of Education and Special Education, 

University of Gothenburg,


Dr. Dr.h.c. FASSA

Professor of Adult and Vocational Education,

School of Education and Professional Studies,

Griffith University,


The research project is funded by The Velux Foundations.

The foundation is philanthropic and supports technical and scientific research as well as environmental, social and cultural projects in Denmark and internationally. 


Sustainable Culture for Change