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MESIT school

Workshop modernization

By purchasing new technologies, the Mesit school wants to increase the quality of the education of students in apprenticeships and graduated fields of study that will use the current trends in engineering, electrical engineering, automation and robotics. The projects expect to have an increased interest of 30% of students from surrounding elementary schools.

The overall vision is to be a prestigious school in Moravia with practical training with help of the most advanced technologies. This will be supported by excursions in world companies where students and teachers will have the opportunity to see how the technologies works. Teachers will also be educated in technical English language so that students will acquire technical documentation in a foreign language. 


  • Increase the quality of the vocational education
  • Being a prestigious school and improve the number of students
  • Increase the manual skills of students and prepare them for practice
  • Higher quality of knowledge and skills


  • New equipment and building modification
  • Training English
  • Excursions
  • Teacher training

Working with quality improvement at Mesit

Sustainable Culture for Change