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For the Up to Date, Usable and Realistic Education

We would like to develop and to update our VET education and training on the fields of informatics, electronics and mechanical engineering. A lot of new equipment can help the improvement of both the practical and the theoretical education. The modern information technology system can give an opportunity for raising the digital information literacy among the teachers and the students as well.

The new forms of teaching / learning process can make the education more effective and the instalment in electronics and mechanical engineering can place the Hungarian VET training into a totally new dimension.

To achieve our goals, we are planning to widen the circle of the online teaching/learning materials of all the three specialization areas. We want to emphasize the role of interactive tasks and teaching video films. Also, we want to make progress in use of modern teaching methods, like project-based education and coaching approach.
We can see an excellent opportunity for motivating our staff and students with placing them in an up-to-date technical environment. This project could give an outstanding support for the blended learning, which is a key step for the renewed VET education.

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