Czech Republic - SČMSD

Let’s open the door for the future 

Ensuring high quality and equal conditions for all students connecting school education and real life employers and companies

The school "Střední škola obchodní a služeb SČMSD" has launched their quality improvement project "Let's open the door for the future".

About 350 students attend the school in three-year apprentice courses as Chef-waiter, Interior designer, Hairdresser and Sports masseur and four-year study courses as Business academy, Beautician and extension study called Entrepreneurship.

The quality improvement project will include: 

  • Renewing teaching aids and equipment 
  • Renewing IT systems
  • Creating a state of the art multifunctional project classroom
  • Hiring a career advisor 
  • Devloping teacher qualifications 
  • Establishing a "competetive entrepreneurship fund" for students

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