Poland - Vocational education as a chance for the future

Vocational education as a chance for the future

The main purpose of the "Vocational education as a chance for the future" project is to prepare the students of the Technical School Complex in Lezajsk to find a job in the local, regional, national and international labour market.

The project includes:

  • Courses to develop skills appreciated by labour market

  • Ongoing adjustment of curricula

  • Building and equipping new classrooms and company-like labs

  • Teacher training courses

  • School promoting activities

    In order to achieve the set goals, the school cooperates with the regional employers, with some of whom it has signed cooperation agreements.

    The project will encompass students in the profession of automatic technician, mechatronics technician, electronics technician, renewable energy systemtechnician, electrician, CNC and welding technician, automotive technician. In total, approximately 520 students and 30 teachers teaching vocational subjects every year will take part in the project.

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